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Spider Plant, Metal Pot

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Native to South Africa, the well-loved spider plant, or Chlorophytum comosum, features linear, green or striped white leaves. When they're happy, spider plants bear flowering stems of small, white flowers, that will also form tiny plantlets at the nodes. These plantlets are easy to propagate in water to grow your spider plant collection! Spider plants grow quickly and require little maintenance, forming a gorgeous cascading shape that makes it ideal for hanging baskets.

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  • Spider plant, soil, preserved sheet moss, plastic grower’s pot, metal pot
  • Keep indoors with bright, indirect sunlight at room temperature (65-80 degrees F). Avoid drafts, vents, and temperature extremes
  • Water thoroughly when soil is dry to touch. Outer pot does not drain. Remove grower’s pot when watering and allow excess water to drain before replacing
  • Plant: USA; Pot: Imported


  • 7-10"H, 7-10" diameter

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