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Sol Soils Bonsai Gritty Mix


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Style No. 88976360; Color Code: 000

Fast draining and low in water retention, this soil mix ensures that the hardiest of dry-weather plants stay happy and healthy. It provides ample aeration that lets roots breath and drains water away quickly to avoid root rot. Containing pine bark as its only organic component, the minimalist nature of Bonsai Gritty Mix is perfect for those who prefer a traditional bonsai mix or need a starting point for custom mixes of their own. It’s Ideal for many caudex plants, cedar, fir, Japanese maple, juniper, and spruce, as well as dry-loving succulents like Lophophora cacti or Lithops "Living Stone" plants and some species of Ficus.

  • Ingredients: Calcined Clay, Pumice, Granite, Pine Bark
  • Use as directed
  • USA


  • 2 quarts

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