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Pothos Plant


Style No. 58120890; Color Code: 000

This cascading beauty prefers to sit on a ledge or hang from the ceiling so its long, leafy tendrils can be fully appreciated. The pothos are low maintenance plants and can grow to be about six to ten feet long over time. They're also easily propagated when pruning; simply place a cut stem (with a node) in water and wait for it to root.

  • Pothos plants, metal hanger, soil, plastic grower's pot
  • Place in bright, indirect light
  • Allow soil to dry between waterings; do not allow roots to get soggy
  • Leaves will wilt when they need a drink
  • Fertilizer about once a month
  • Plant: USA; Pot: Imported


  • 12-32"H, 7-14" diameter

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