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Limequat Tree

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Easy to grow and relatively tolerant to a variety of conditions, the limequat is a self-fertilized hybrid of the kumquat and the key lime. The result is exceptionally juicy fruit that can be eaten with its skin on. With a sweet, citrusy taste not unlike an orange. While relatively small in size, they pack a big flavor punch and are hardy producers.

Important Note: By law we cannot ship citrus trees to California, Arizona, Louisiana or Texas.

Shipping Note: Order cut off is Monday by 8am EST for orders to ship the week of order placement. Orders received after 8am on Monday EST will be shipped the following week.

Outdoor Care: Suitable for USDA planting zone 8-11. Thrive in warm, sunny areas with well-draining soil. Water every 2-3 days for the first month.

Indoor Care: Transplant into a clay or terracotta planter with well-draining soil and place in a south or western facing window. Water immediately after placing in new container and subsequently only water when first inch of soil is dry. If planted indoors or in a greenhouse; pollinating by hand is required. To pollinate by hand, using a small paintbrush, touch the tip of the brush to the center of a flower to collect pollen. Go to the next flower and do the same thing; repeat the process for all flowers.

  • Limequat tree, 3 gallon plastic growers pot, potting soil, burlap cover
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • USA


  • 16-28"H, 16-28" diameter

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