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Gemstone Diffuser

Color: WHITE

Style No. 66966821; Color Code: 010

How to Use: Designed to help re-balance you and your home, acting as the natural base for releasing essential oils into the air. Coupling the long-standing tradition of using gemstones with essential oils to aid with reducing stress and creating a calming, serene living space.

Snow Quartz (white): Has powerful properties that help shield against negativity. This is especially rewarding if disharmony has built up in your day to day life or work environment. Gentle engery can be used to bring clarity to your thoughts and help to maintain balance in the home.

Rose Quartz + Green Calcite (green): Rose Quartz acts as an energy amplifier and helps you recharge after a busy day. When incorporated into your environment, it promotes positive vibes in your chosen space. Green Calcite is helpful for reaching mental balance.

Amethyst + Calcite (purple): Since 300 BC, the Ancient Greeks used Amethyst as a natural antioxidant. It promotes protection and purification whilst cleansing your negative attachments. The stone is a natural tranquillizer which helps relieve stress, anxiety and fear. Combined with the healing properties of Calcite, this aids mental and physical cleansing.

  • Includes 1 diffuser glass, 1 set of gemstones
  • Essential oil not included
  • UK


  • Glass: 4.25"H, 4" diameter

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