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Dragon Wing Begonia

Style No. 78812062; Color Code:

Native to South and Central America, begonias thrive in sunny, warm climates. The dragon wing is an excellent variety for those begonia-lovers who live in more temperate climates, as it demands less humidity than others. Leaves can be delicate, so it's best to keep the plant out of direct sunlight to avoid burning. Dragon wings are so named for their uniquely shaped leaves; the leaves are a dark green with deep maroon on the undersides. While not guaranteed, the begonia dragon wing can sometimes flower with bright pink blooms.

  • Dragon wing begonia plant, potting soil, plastic growers pot
  • Place in bright, indirect light
  • Keep soil adequately moist; let top 2-3 inches of soil dry before re-watering
  • Plant: USA; Pot: Imported


  • 12"H, 6" diameter

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