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Arbequina Olive Tree, 1 Gallon


Style No. 68255488; Color Code: 000

An olive variety from Spain that has a high yield of mild oil and high, constant productivity. Very compact tree, good for intensive planting, small spaces and a great indoor plant.

Indoor container care: Transplant into a terracotta or clay pot with well-drained soil within the first few months of receiving . Provide 8-12 hours of light from south/southwest facing window. Water approximately once a week. Olive trees do not like to sit in water and need to dry out between in each watering. In winter months, olive trees may require additional humidity in heated rooms. Placing the pot on pebbles in a saucer will elevate the tree above the drainage area and improve airflow and humidity. Mist foliage occasionally.

Outdoor planted care: Suitable for USDA zones 8-10. Ground-planted olive trees are happiest in warm, temperate areas. A sunny, frost and wind-free location with southern exposure is best. In the ground, olive trees prefer less frequent, deep watering to frequent, shallow sprinklings. Deeper watering promotes deeper root growth and strengthens your tree. Generally, once-a-week watering works well for in-ground plantings. Be sure to adjust based on weather conditions. In general, it is best to water in the morning, but if plants are dry or wilted it is better to water them immediately, rather than wait until morning.

Online Exclusive

  • Arbequina olive tree, 1 gallon plastic growers pot, potting soil, burlap cover
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • USA


  • 20-30"H. 6-10" diameter

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