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Aloe Plant, Speckled Ceramic Pot


Style No. 65715682; Color Code: 000

The Aloe plant is a forever favorite, loved for being low maintenance, sun-soothing, and striking to look at. It's a part of the succulent plant species of the genus Aloe and grows wild in tropical, semi-tropical, and arid climates all over the world. It's cultivated for both its agricultural and medicinal qualities. Arrives in a decorative ceramic pot.

  • Aloe plant, plastic growers pot, potting soil, sheet moss, ceramic container
  • Indoor or sheltered outdoor use
  • Keep indoors with bright or direct sunlight at room temperature (65-80 degrees F). Avoid drafts, vents, and temperature extremes.
  • Water thoroughly when soil is dry to touch. Outer pot does not drain. Remove grower's pot when watering and allow excess water to drain before replacing.
  • Plant: USA; Pot: Imported


  • 10-14"H, 7-9" diameter

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