Tricolor Stromanthe Plant, Distressed Metal Pot

Style No. 56925142

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With green, white, and pink patterned foliage, this stromathe is native to tropical Americas. It's a close cousin to the calathea family and shares the tendency for its foliage to curl in on itself during the evening. This movement allows you to enjoy the brightly colored leaves from all angles at all times of the day. Be sure to turn your plant as it ages for full, even growth. Arriving ready to display in a distressed metal pot.

- Stromanthe tricolor plant, soil, plastic grower's pot, metal pot
- Light: bright indirect light or eastern facing window
Water: water when soil becomes dry. Not drought tolerant but certainly forgiving if you forget a day. Maintain high humidity or mist foliage with water frequently during dry months.
Notes: browning of leaf tips typically means underwatering or not enough humidity

8-16"H, 6-14"W

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