Sun Garden Moss Grow Mix


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These pre-ground moss fragments are made from a unique variety, Bryum Caespiticium, that can thrive in both sunny and shady conditions – a rare quality for moss. Simply mix the fragments with water and apply to the soil to grow your own carpet of moss.
Care & Use: Mix moss fragments in container with ½-1 gallon of warm spring water and let set for 10 minutes. Use the back of a trowel to smear the mixture onto the prepared area and press down firmly to ensure good soil contact. Spread just enough so fragments are in close contact but not layered. Keeping the mossy area moist for the first few weeks to allow inoculation is crucial. Use the mister setting on a hose until the moss becomes established, watering in early morning or late evening. Do not overwater, let water stand or water in extreme temperatures (over 80 degrees). Moss fragments will remain a mixture of green and brown for a few weeks. As the moss acclimates green fronds (shoots) will appear. Moss fragments should begin to green and cover thinly in about 1 to 3 months, then thicken to a solid green carpet within 6 to 12 months.

- Pre-ground Bryum Caespiticium fragments
- Outdoor use
- Covers approximately 15 sq. ft.

Bag: 11.4”H, 7.2”W

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