Speckled Butterhead Lettuce Seeds


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Speckled Butterhead (Lactuca sativa) is a heirloom from the early 1800s. This is a gorgeous lettuce: green leaves with reddish speckles and a nice tight central head. The texture of the leaves is a combination of delicate softness and crisp/moist that is unique to butterheads. Speckled is a sweet variety, rarely bitter.

Planting Tips: Start indoors (or in a greenhouse) in multi-celled flats. Sow 3-5 seeds per cell if you plan to thin out close-growing seedlings or 2-3 seeds per cell if you desire a single plant per cell to plant out. Lettuce seeds are light dependent germinators, so sow those seeds just barely under the surface of the soil, making sure to not let the soil surface dry out at all during germination. When lettuce seedlings are 2-3 inches tall, transplant them into well-loosened garden soil that has been amended with finished compost or a broad-spectrum organic fertilizer.

- 40 days to harvest (baby); 60 days to harvest (mature)
- Annual

Approximately 500 seeds

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