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Black Cherry Tomato: 100 days from seed to fruit production. These eye-catching “black” heirloom tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) are actually closer to mahogany in color, with blushes of red and purple. Plants produce fruits the size of grapes with a complex flavor palette that should be expected. Indeterminate. A good tomato for backyard gardeners and flavor enthusiasts, but serious growers might want to double plantings to ensure yields for the marketplace.

Red Russian Kale: 40 days baby leaf. 60 days mature. Red Russian (Brassica napus) is a very hardy kale originally from Siberia. Supple, blue-green leaves on red stems are tasty raw or cooked, and get sweeter in cold temperatures. Red Russian is a market staple and reliable producer. Dependable and delicious. Sow in spring or fall.

Purple Plum Radish: 26 days young, 40 mature. Purple Plum (Raphanus sativus) is a beautiful radish with juicy, crisp roots that are white on the inside with deep purple skin. In all but the hottest weather, the roots hold well. We direct sow this variety in the late winter here on our farm and get three weeks of harvests! This is pretty incredible, considering how fast they grow from seed.

Ho Mi Z Mustard Green: 40 days baby leaf. 65 days full size. Hi Mi Z or Dragon's Tongue Mustard (Brassica juncea) is an excellent mustard variety from organic plant breeder Frank Morton. Purple and green crinkled frilly leaves with thick, white midribs. Young leaves are tender and delicious and ideal for eating raw in salads. Mature leaves are mildly spicy and sweet and delicious in stir fries.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Lettuce Mix No. 2: A new selection of highly productive lettuce (Lactuca sativa) strains that are ideal for bagged baby salad mixes. This variety was inspired by Farmer Ed Bartley at Fillmore Fresh Farm in Fillmore, California. Ed requested a mix of all green strains for his customers, and here it is!

Nantes Coreless Carrot: A selection from Redwood Organic Farm in Manton, California. Daucus carota.

Arugula: 21 days baby leaf, 40 mature. The standard Arugula (Eruca sativa) with that classic spicy flavor. Long, deeply-lobed dark leaves are easy to harvest for bunching. Spicy flowers are excellent in salads. Sow it thick for multiple cuts, or give each plant a little space for large, bunching leaves. Hardy re-seeder. Best sown in spring or autumn, as hot weather will cause fast bolting.

-Includes Black Cherry Tomato, Red Russian Kale, Purple Plum Radish, Mustard Greens, CSA Lettuce Mix, Nantes Coreless Carrot, Arugula

Black Cherry Tomato: 50 seeds
Red Russian Kale: 300 seeds
Purple Plum Radish: 125 seeds
Mustard Greens: 200 seeds
CSA Lettuce Mix: 500 seeds
Nantes Coreless Carrot: 400 seeds
Arugula: 600 seeds

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