Plumosa Fern


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Feathery, delicate leaves make this Asparagus plumosa a standout addition to your indoor garden. A climbing plant in the genus Asparagus, this "fern" isn't actually a fern at all (it's just called that because of its fern-like appearance). The plumed foliage loves humidity, so mist often! A native of Southern Africa, it's almost indestructible.

- Fern plumosa plant, soil, plastic grower's pot
- Place in bright, indirect light or in an eastern facing window
- Let soil dry slightly between watering. Do not let go too dry
- Ferns generally suffer from chlorinated water so use dechlorinated water whenever possible
- Maintain high humidity and/or mist foliage frequently
- Keep away from heat sources in winter months
- Plant: USA; Pot: Imported

12-24"H, 8-20"W

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