Pacific Maidenhair Fern, Copper Pot


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A delicate, wiry fern, Pacific Maidenhair is a cultivar known for its curled foliage, fan-shaped leaf segments scalloped along the edges, and glossy black stems. In the wild these ferns are often found growing partly shaded rock walls where water seepage and high humidity helps them thrive, while indoors they make excellent houseplants. Arriving ready to display in a decorative copper pot.

- Pacific Maidenhair Fern, potting soil, moss, plastic growers pot, copper pot
- Place in bright, indirect light or an eastern facing window
- Let soil dry slightly between waterings (use dechlorinated water when possible)
- Prefers high humidity levels; mist foliage frequently
- Keep away from indoor heat sources
- Plant: USA; Pot: Imported

Plant: 12-20”H, 7-9” diameter
Pot: 6” drop in

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