Monstera Minima Plant, Edged Gray Pot


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Monstera Minima Trellis is a fast growing vining plant, sought after for its unique fenestrated leaves. They resemble the Monstera deliciosa. The leaves are similarly split with “windows,” but stay quite small. This plant is easy to care for, and loves to climb up a moss pole. It's easy to propagate from stem tip cuttings and thrives in bright indirect light.

- Monstera Minima, soil, moss, grower's pot, ceramic pot
- Requires bright, filtered light
- Keep away from extreme temperatures, both hot and cold
- Allow soil to dry 1-2" from top before watering. During growing season, keep soil moist. Don't allow root ball dry out
- Tolerates standard household humidity but will love added humidity; can place near humidifer, mist leaves, or group with other plants
- Provide adequate drainage; a chunky, well-draining substrate is key. Choose a mix with plenty of aeration and with equal parts perlite or pumice, pine bark, finely shredded spaghum moss, horticultural charcoal
- Do best with a balanced or high-nitrogen fertilizer monthly during growing season
- Cut down on fertilizer during colder months when growing slows
- A vigorous grower that will need to be repotted every year, possibly twice a year
- Plant: USA; Pot: Imported

12-20"H, 8-10" diameter

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