Maranta Lemon Lime Plant


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The maranta is a close relative to the calathea and with its boldly patterned foliage and tendency to fold its leaves every night, it's easy to see why! This lemon lime variety has a uniquely striped pattern on its leaves, with a mix of green, chartreuse, and yellow colors. It is nicknamed the prayer plant because of that habit of folding its leaves and has a tendency toward trailing. Watch for tiny light purple flowers on thin stalks in the summer time.

- Maranta Lemon Lime plant, potting soil, plastic growers pot
- Set in bright, indirect light. Avoid full sun exposure
- Water once soil becomes dry to the touch.
- Maintain high humidity by misting foliage frequently (especially during the winter months)
- Brown leaves are an indicator of underwater and low humidity
- Plant: USA; Pot: Imported

8-12"H, 6-14"W

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