Little Living Tree

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Introducing our miniature fresh black hill spruce tree, arriving in a decorative wooden container with a set of battery powered string lights and a sweet velvet ribbon to tie at the top. It's everything you need for gifting holiday magic by mail!

Transplanting the Little Living Tree: The Black Hills Spruce (Picea glauca var. densata) is a white spruce native to South Dakota. Planting hardiness zone 2-6 (it will become temperamental warmer than zone 6). Keep tree well-watered during its time indoors. Plant in full sun in well draining soil when ground is not frozen. Keep in a protected cooler area (like a porch) before transplanting to avoid temperature shock if planting in winter. Water after planting and water well during its first year in ground during warmer months. Fertilize in spring months.

- A terrain exclusive
- Black hill spruce, soil, moss, decorative wooden pot, plastic grower’s pot, string lights, cotton velvet ribbon
- Keep indoors with bright or direct sunlight at room temperature (65-80 degrees F). Avoid drafts, vents, and temperature extremes
- To assemble, wrap tree in light strand, tie the velvet ribbon at the top, and place moss on top of the soil
- Mist regularly
- Water thoroughly to keep soil evenly moist. Outer pot does not drain. Remove grower’s pot when watering and allow excess water to drain before replacing
- Keep away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity
- Use only with certified lights
- Do not decorate with open fire

Tree: Approximately 20-24”H
Pot: 6” diameter

Due to the nature of plant cultivation, size and shape of the Black hill spruce tree may vary

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