FoxFarm Tiger Bloom Liquid Concentrate

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An ultra-potent and fast-acting, high-phosphorus fertilizer with just enough nitrogen to sustain healthy, vigorous green growth during flowering. Introduced at the first sign of budding, this mighty blend of trace minerals and micronutrients will encourage abundant and extended fruiting and blooms. Formulated with a low pH to maintain stability in storage and keep nutrients available, we find that Tiger Bloom also works wonderfully on orchids and citrus.

Tiger Bloom can be used alone, or for best results in sequence with the trio of liquid nutrients terrain offers from FoxFarm. Use Big Bloom consistently to act as a catalyst for nutrient absorption and cycling. Add Grow Big to your Big Bloom solution early on for instant green-up and dense, compact growth, then replace Grow Big with Tiger Bloom at the first sign of bud set or flowering. Keeping Big Bloom as the base of your solution at all times will ensure the proper conversion and distribution of nutrients throughout your plants.

About FoxFarm - Based in Humboldt County California, FoxFarm is a family-owned business that produces handcrafted, small batch plant nutrients using only the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients that bring your soil to life. FoxFarm is dedicated to promoting the ecological balance and environmental restoration of our planet.

- Key Ingredients: Naturally sourced earthworm castings, Norwegian kelp, calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium phosphate, potassium phosphate, potassium nitrate, iron EDTA, zinc EDTA, manganese EDTA, copper EDTA, chelating agent, disodium ethylenediamine tetra acetate (EDTA), sodium borate
- NPK (2-8-4)
- Safe on edible crops, as well as every plant in your home and garden
- Great for all flowers, orchids, fruit trees and citrus
- Accelerates abundant fruiting and flowering
- Will not burn
- Odor-free
- Environmentally friendly
- Indoor or outdoor use
- 100% natural
- Read label instructions for suggested application rates before use
- Recyclable plastic bottle

1 pint (makes 32-48 gallons)
1 quart (makes 64-96 gallons)

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