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Thumbelina Zinnia Flower: 60 days to flower from transplant. Annual. Fast growing and long blooming. Ideal for growers with constrained space, such as urban or container gardeners. Thumbelina works great in the field too. Plants flower with pink, red, and yellow blossoms, often in pastel shades, and thrive in hot summer temperatures.

Black Hollyhock: 75-90 days to flower. Annual. Striking, all black/dark mahogany variation of the classic. The original seed stock was a gift of now unknown origin that remained in the company's farm stock for years until it was grown out in their home garden in the summer of 2017. Focused work with this variety in 2019 has finally yielded a quality, beautiful strain of this plant. Flowering stalks reach four to six feet tall and produce 15-20 blossoms per plant. Plants have low water and fertility requirements; trellising is optional if watering is done in moderation. Hollyhocks are great for pollinators and are heavy seeders.

Russian Mammoth Sunflower: 80 days from seed to flower. Annual. This heirloom sunflower (Helianthus annuus) was originally introduced to the states in the 1880s, and is still the most popular sunflower around. Russian Mammoth towers over the garden with thick stocks that grow up to heights of up to 12 feet, with flowering heads and yellow blossoms that can reach up to two feet in diameter and attract a great deal of attention from bees and other pollinators. As flowering heads mature they become loaded with large, delicious seeds. This crop can also be used for crop biomass generation as desiccated stalks add a great deal of carbon to any compost pile.

Cherry Glow Poppy: 90 days from seed to flower. Annual. A bread seed poppy (Papaver somniferum) strain that produces medium sized vibrant red flowers that reach up to three to four inches in diameter. Seed pods produce substantial amounts of black edible seeds. A great dual purpose culinary and ornamental variety.

Vera English Lavender: Harvest flowers after 120 days. Perennial. Also known as True or Common Lavender, this strain of Lavendula angustifolia is considered the reference for the species. While colloquially described as "English" lavender, the species is actually native to Spain. It produces lush purple flowers with a slightly open profile. Lavenders bloom prolifically after one year of establishment, and if spring sown can often provide a small flush of blossoms in their first year. Lavendula angustifolia is the hardiest of all lavenders, so this one is good for climates that have harsher winters.

Sherbet Calendula Flower: 70 days to bloom. Hardy re-seeding annual. farm-grown landrace that features a multitude of shades, textures and colors. A lot of the classic orange and yellow blossoms, but also lighter pastels with variegated petals. This is a great all-purpose variety for both ornamental and culinary uses.

Dara Queen Anne's Lace: 100 days from seed to flower. Biennial. This variety of Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota var. sativas) features prolific blooms of lacy umbels ranging in color from deep maroon to white. Highly productive and tolerant of varying soil conditions and extreme heat, this is a farm favorite for use in our popular farmer’s market bouquets. Long lasting and unique in floral arrangements, these plants have a long blooming period and reach heights of three to four feet. Also known as Ornamental Carrot, Ammi or Wild Carrot. Sow directly in the garden or grow in seedling trays and transplant outside anytime following your last frost.

About The Plant Good Seed Company: Carrying certified organic vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, including improved rare and heirloom varieties. Many varieties have been sourced directly from their home farm and a network of small scale seed growers. Their seed varieties are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Their mission is to propagate plant biodiversity, improve existing open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable varieties for better performance in organic farming and gardening contexts. They're motivated by a curiosity and for the sensuous world and its panoply of colors, textures, and flavors.

-Includes 7 seed packets: Thumbalina Zinnea, Black Hollyhock, Russian Mammoth, Cherry Glow Poppy, Vera English Lavender, Sherbert Calendula, Dara Queen Anne's Lace

Thumbelina Zinnia Flower: 200 seeds
Black Hollyhock Flower: 50 seeds
Russian Mammoth Sunflower: 25 seeds
Cherry Glow Poppy: 250 seeds
Vera English Lavender: 100 seeds
Sherbet Calendula Flower: 60 seeds
Dara Queen Anne's Lace Flower: 200 seeds

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