Fire Making


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Fire Making is your guide to techniques Hume has learned firsthand, from the San people in Namibia, the Mangyan of the Philippines, and other masters. You’ll fall in love with the craft of coaxing spark into flame using only handmade tools. Learn about: the bow drill, the fire plow, and other traditional firestarters, every type of tinder, from birch bark to fungus, overcoming strong winds, freezing cold, and other challenges, plus modern firemaking hacks, such as using foil and a battery. Hume’s crystal clear steps, all helpfully illustrated, make it easy to start and maintain the perfect fire for any need, from quickly boiling a pot of water, to setting up camp to the sheer joy of seeing your efforts rewarded with a blaze of warmth and light.

- 192 pages
- Hardcover
- The Experiment

9"H, 6"L, 1"D

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