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Bloomsdale Spinach: 40-50 days from seed to baby leaf production. Annual. A productive heirloom spinach (Spinacia oleracea) that performs well in spring, fall and even warm winter climates. Dark green, savoyed leaves. That can be picked individually or harvested as whole plants. Mature leaves are ideal for cooking, and baby leaves can be used in salad mixes.

Touchstone Gold Beet: 60 days from seed. Biennial. An improved open-pollinated yellow beet (Beta vulgaris) that produces deliciously sweet round roots and lush, edible tops. Touchstone Gold is a perfect sell for people who are on the fence with beets.

Green Express Cabbage: 100 days from seed. Biennial. A quick hitting green cabbage (Brassica oleracea): open-pollinated, uniform, reliable, and fast to production. Small to medium sized heads on compact plants. A great compliment to mid to late season cabbages.

Danvers 126 Carrot : 70 days from seed. Biennial. A dependable no-frills heirloom carrot perfect for production on small farms. It's sweet and crisp for fresh eating and creamy and succulent when roasted or in soups. An archetypal carrot in shape: blocky shoulders; 8-10" steeply-tapered roots; bright orange color; strong, tall tops for easy harvesting. Danvers 126 is very adaptable to different soil conditions, producing well even in tighter clay soils.

Rainbow Chard: 30 days baby leaf, 60 days full size. Biennial. A blend of red, pink, white, and yellow chards. Each color in this mix has its own uniqueness, with subtle flavor and texture differences. Chard is easy to grow and performs well year round in milder winter climates, but it's an especially appropriate summertime green where temperatures turn other leafy greens like kale and collards bitter. Plants have an upright growth habit makes for easy harvesting, especially for braising mixes.

Arugula: 21 days baby leaf, 40 mature. Annual. The standard Arugula (Eruca sativa) with that classic spicy flavor. Long, deeply-lobed dark leaves are easy to harvest for bunching. Spicy flowers are excellent in salads. Sow it thick for multiple cuts, or give each plant a little space for large, bunching leaves. Hardy re-seeder. Best sown in spring or autumn, as hot weather will cause fast bolting.

Lacinato Kale: 40 days baby leaf, 60 days mature. Biennial. Dinosaur, Black Tuscan, or Toscano Kale is an eighteenth-century Italian heirloom and easily the most recognizable and popular kale today. Plants form dark green, deeply savoyed leaves on tall, upright stalks make for easy harvesting. Baby leaves are great raw in salad mixes; more mature leaves hold up well to cooking in soups and stews and make excellent kale chips.

About The Plant Good Seed Company: Carrying certified organic vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, including improved rare and heirloom varieties. Many varieties have been sourced directly from their home farm and a network of small scale seed growers. Their seed varieties are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Their mission is to propagate plant biodiversity, improve existing open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable varieties for better performance in organic farming and gardening contexts. They're motivated by a curiosity and for the sensuous world and its panoply of colors, textures, and flavors.

-Includes Bloomsdale Spinach, Touchstone Gold Beet, Green Express Cabbage, Danvers 126 Carrots, Rainbow Chard, Arugula, Lacinato Kale

Bloomsdale Spinach: 300 seeds
Touchstone Gold Beet: 125 seeds
Green Express Cabbage: 150 seeds
Danvers 126 Carrots: 400 seeds
Rainbow Chard: 80 seeds
Arugula: 600 seeds
Lacinato Kale: 150 seeds

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