Earth Fired Clay Low Sill Pot + Saucer

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Using a primitive firing technique that has been refined over thousands of years, these clay pots are handmade in Asia. Before firing, each piece is wrapped in linen and slowly dried, lending a beautifully imperfect, aged finish.

Hand-crafted for one-of-a-kind appeal, each Earth Fired pot + saucer set is made from clay with a highly variable mineral content, which can cause color variation from pot to pot. During a unique aging process, natural moss develops on the surface of the pot for an antique appearance.

- Clay
- Indoor use recommended. Suitable for outdoor use only when weather is warm. Store indoors when freezing temperatures may occur.
- Drainage hole included. Upon delivery, please carefully punch out clay piece covering the drainage hole
- Handle with care; pots may be brittle due to unique firing process
- Color may be lighter or darker than pictured
- Pair with Earth Fired Clay Saucer (corresponding sizes noted below)
- Imported

Small: 2.25”H, 2.2”D, 3.25” exterior diameter at mouth, 2.6” interior diameter at mouth, 2.6” diameter at base (pair with 4-Inch Saucer)
Medium: 3.8”H, 3.6”D, 5.2” exterior diameter at mouth, 4.4” interior diameter at mouth, 4.4” diameter at base (pair with 6-Inch Saucer)
Large: 5.5”H, 5.4”D, 7.4” exterior diameter at mouth, 6.6” interior diameter at mouth, 6.5” diameter at base (pair with 9-Inch Saucer)

3-Inch: 1”H, 0.8”D, 3.75” exterior diameter at mouth, 2.4” interior diameter at mouth, 2.8” diameter at base
4-Inch: 1”H, 0.75”D, 4.2” exterior diameter at mouth, 3” interior diameter at mouth, 3.25” diameter at base
5-Inch: 1”H, 0.75”D, 4.5” exterior diameter at mouth, 3.5” interior diameter at mouth, 4” diameter at base
6-Inch: 1.2”H, 0.75”D, 5.75” exterior diameter at mouth, 4.8” interior diameter at mouth, 4.8” diameter at base
7-Inch: 1”H, 0.8”D, 6.75” exterior diameter at mouth, 5.5” interior diameter at mouth, 6.2” diameter at base
8-Inch: 1”H, 0.8”D, 7.25” exterior diameter at mouth, 5.6” interior diameter at mouth, 5.8” diameter at base
9-Inch: 1.25”H, 1”D, 8.8” exterior diameter at mouth, 7” interior diameter at mouth, 7.2” diameter at base
10-Inch: 2”H, 1.8”D, 10.4” exterior diameter at mouth, 8” interior diameter at mouth, 8.5” diameter at base

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