Chinotto Sour Orange Tree, Burlap Cover


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Perfectly suited for bonsai and container growing. Produces small, sour orange fruits that grow in clusters and wonderfully fragrant blossoms. Mature trees can grow between 10 and 15 feet.

Note: Open plastic sleeve inside burlap wrap for indoor watering until ready to be replanted in the ground or into a container.

Indoor container care: Transplant into a terracotta or clay pot with well-drained soil within the first few months of receiving . Provide full sun from a south/southwest facing window. Water approximately once a week. Citrus do not like to sit in water and need to dry out between in each watering. Placing the pot on pebbles in a saucer will elevate the tree above the drainage area and improve airflow and humidity. Mist foliage occasionally. Your citrus plants will love going outside for a couple of months when the weather is warm, just be sure to increase watering as it will dry faster outdoors and bring inside before frost.

Outdoor planted care for USDA planting zone 8-11. Ground-planted citrus trees are happiest in warm, temperate areas. A sunny, frost and wind-free location with southern exposure is best. In the ground, citrus prefer less frequent, deep watering to frequent, shallow sprinklings. Deeper watering promotes deeper root growth and strengthens your tree. Generally, once-a-week watering works well for in-ground plantings. Be sure to adjust based on weather conditions. In general, it is best to water in the morning, but if plants are dry or wilted it is better to water them immediately, rather than wait until morning.

-Chinotto sour orange, burlap cover, plastic growers pot, plastic sleeve, potting soil

14-28"H, 5-7"W

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