Anthurium Thai Variegated Plant, Small

Style No. 57231094

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A RARE beauty! This extremely special anthurium hybrid is making its way into the plant world from Thailand with a big impact. Its broad variegated green and white leaves are a gorgeous addition to any indoor houseplant collection. Anthuriums can become quite huge if given proper care and can be the perfect statement piece for your home. Anthurium grow under the cover of other plants in nature, so if the light is too strong (like a hot, west exposure close to a window), your plant will burn. Mist leaves frequently, as these plants love the humidity. Repot every two to four years.

- Anthurium Thai Variegata plant, soil, grower's pot
- Keep evenly moist; never soaking wet or bone dry. Let dry completely between waterings. Water less in the winter. Can be subject to root root if over-watered
- Fertilize regularly with general purpose, soluble houseplant food
- Anthurium do best in a north or east-facing window or under bright, indirect light
- Fertilize and repot in the spring and summer months
- Plant: USA; Pot: Imported

6" diameter (pot)

Rare, Unusual, and Hard-to-Find Plant Buying Policy

You will be able to inspect your plant upon pick up at our nursery. Our nursery staff can assist you with any plant care questions you may have at that time. This is a live plant, so occasional scarring and broken leaves are normal. Additionally, please remember plants may go through dormant periods or show signs of stress during their life. Many problems can be fixed if detected in time. Please refer to our care instructions to make sure your plant is getting the proper light, water, drainage, and soil for it to stay healthy. With this in mind, please understand that we cannot accept returns, refunds, or exchanges for plants once you leave the store with your plant purchase.

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