Shop the Look: Easter Egg Tree

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Fresh Clump Moss , $16.00

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Shop the Look: Easter Egg Tree

The centuries old tradition of decorating spring branches with colorful eggs – a symbol of life in cultures around the globe – gets a fresh update with our blooming branches in an aged container and tinted glass eggs hung from lengths of bright ribbon or twine.

Tulip Magnolia Branches
- Live tulip magnolia branch bunch
- Certified sustainably grown
- Can be stored in a cool area to delay opening
- Branches may not bloom simultaneously; some blooms may fade as others emerge
- Individual blooms last approximately 5-7 days, with a total bloom time of approximately 2 weeks
- Exact longevity of blooms is dependent on display conditions
- 6-8 branches per order
Approximately 3-4'H

Tinted Glass Eggs
- Glass, lacquer, metal hooks
- Handmade in Germany
3.75"H, 2.25"W, 0.88" hoop

Jute Garden Twine Set
- Set of 8
- Jute twine, cellophane wrapper, plastic box
- Indoor or outdoor use
- UK
Each roll: 50’

Fresh Clump Moss
- Clump moss
- Indoor or outdoor suitable
- Keep out of direct sunlight
- Mist often to maintain moisture
2 square feet of moss

Barnacle Low Egg Pot
- Handmade
- Glazed earthenware
- Due to the unique nature of each pot, color and finish may vary. Finish may experience natural wear or flaking over time; changes in finish will not affect the integrity of the pot.
- Indoor or outdoor use
- Winter care: Likely to survive frost even when planted. Adequate drainage must be provided. Store indoors if extreme cold may occur in your region.
- Drainage hole included
- Imported
Available in 4 sizes

Habit and Form Circle Tray
- A terrain exclusive
- 24G galvanized steel, powder coated finish, polyfoam rubber feet
- Wipe clean with damp cloth, dry thoroughly
- Drainage hole not included
- Indoor or outdoor use; may rust over time if used outdoors
- Imported
Available in 8 sizes