Pilea peperomioides, Square Pot

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Native to southern China, Pilea peperomioides was first collected by botanists in the early twentieth century. In 1946, a Norwegian missionary returning from China introduced it to gardeners in Scandinavia. Highly sought-after for its striking, minimalist foliage, P. peperomioides spread among amateur gardeners via cuttings. Also known as "pancake plant," it remains an uncommon find in the United States, though its popularity has recently surged among plant collectors.

- A terrain exclusive
- Pilea peperomioides, soil, dried wire vine, ceramic pot
- Indoor use only
- Provide lots of bright or direct sunlight. Container does not have any drainage and the growers pot within would be best to pull out for watering. Protect from temperature extremes, drafts and vents.
- Plant: USA; Pot: Imported

Pot: 4.25”H, 3.75”W, 3.75”L
Total: 9”H, 10”W, 10”L

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