Neptune’s Harvest Organic Crab Shell Fertilizer

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An excellent, dry source of nutrients that all plants need including calcium (23%) and magnesium, this organic crab shell fertilizer helps to retain moisture in the soil and builds organic matter. It also gives roots a base for growth and promotes the development of chitin-eating bacteria in the soil, helping to eliminate ants, grubs, fungus, and root nematodes. Placed around plants, it deters slugs and snails, while choking out weeds and helping to prevent digging moles, voles and mice. A favorite of tomato growers as a natural source of calcium, which helps to prevent blossom end rot.

- Ingredients: naturally sourced organic crab shells and scrap
- NPK (2-3-0)
- Safe on edible crops
- Environmentally friendly
- Outdoor use
- 100% organic
- Excellent natural source of calcium (23%) which is great for bulbs, veggies, and helps prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes
- Creates a hostile environment for common garden pests such as slugs, ants, grubs, moles, voles and mice
- Work thoroughly into soil before planting. Read label instructions for suggested application rates before use. For trees and lawn, apply directly as top dressing.
- Resealable plastic bag

4 lbs.