Photo Policy

Photo Policy for Terrain at Styer's
The property of Terrain at Styer’s + Terrain at Delaware Valley can serve as a beautiful backdrop for photos. We welcome you and your photographer to contact us to schedule an outdoor photoshoot. In order to ensure you have a positive experience with us on the day of your shoot, we ask that you adhere to our guidelines and approval process. Please note that Terrain at Styer’s + Terrain at Delaware Valley are multi-purpose site and often hosts several activities concurrently, in addition to our customers during business hours.

Availability + Restrictions

Photography permitted by reservation only and requires a signed agreement.

Reservations for photography can only be made and approved through our Private Events team.

Photography is permitted based on the store’s schedule and our availability.

Photography is permitted in our outdoor space only; no photography may take place inside retail or the cafe.

Photographers will be given a photography pass on the day of the shoot.

Product, fixtures, plants, trees, or shrubs may not be moved for your shoot.

To receive a photography approval pass, a fee of $125+ tax must be paid prior to the shoot. Any additional spaces outside of cafe and retail require an additional fee for exclusive use that can be discussed with our events team.

Failure to adhere to the guidelines will result in expulsion from the site and photographers not permitted to return for scheduled shoots.

If you’re interested in scheduling your photoshoot at Terrain at Styer’s or Terrain at Delaware Valley or if you have any questions about our policy, please inquire directly with our private events team at