Shop the Project: Suspended Garden

Shop the Project: Suspended Garden

Use our Steel Shepherd’s Hooks to get the look for this suspended garden that showcases air plants strung with clusters of preserved reindeer moss.

Care instructions for air plants:
- Place in bright, indirect sunlight near a window
- Water by soaking or misting 2-4 times per week, more frequently in dry environments
- Place in area of good air circulation for adequate drying between waterings

Steel Shepherd’s Hook
Extra Small: 5”L
Small: 11” L
Medium: 19"L
Large: 27” L
Extra Large: 51”L

Fasciculata Giant Tillandsia
Approximately 14”H, 16”W, 12”D

Bracy x Strepto Giant Tillandsia
Approximately 9”H, 8”W, 4.5”D

Preserved Reindeer Moss, Bright
- 110 cubic inches
2”H, 9”W, 12.5”L

Paper Twine Bobbin
- 90 yards
4”H, 2.5” diameter