Shop the Look: A Crimson Chandelier*

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Shop the Look: A Crimson Chandelier*

The Iron Candle Chandelier gets dressed up in the season’s most saturated shades, with a circlet of faux smoke bush and foraged berries plus wine-hued column candles.

Iron Candle Chandelier
- Iron
- Indoor or temporary/sheltered outdoor use
- Imported
1.5”H, 26” diameter
Each chain: 25”L

Beeswax Column Candle Pair
- Set of 2
- Beeswax, cotton wick, cotton ribbon, kraft paper package
- 18 hour burn time
- Handmade in the USA
9”H, 1.5” diameter, 0.6” diameter at base

Faux Smoke Bush Stem
- Wire, plastic, polyester
- Indoor use only
- Imported
4.5”W, 48”L