Distribution Center Inspection Policy
All incoming merchandise is inspected by the Distribution Center (DC) Quality Assurance Department for order accuracy and quality. This is to ensure what is received matches what was ordered, and that the product meets Terrains strict quality expectations.

Inspections are performed by the DC Quality Assurance Inspector.

The inspection of an initial sample per SKU will be performed to check for the accuracy of the order. The physical condition and description of the item will be verified against what was actually ordered. (i.e. Does the 42” wooden bench with stenciling, match the description provided on the Product Information Sheet.) Once order accuracy has been confirmed, the QA Inspector inspects for quality compliance.

‘Inspection Sampling Plans’ are used to determine the number of items that must be inspected to give a representative sample of the complete order at pre-determined level of assurance.

Vendors shipping hazardous material must comply with the Dept. of Transportations (DOT) regulations pertaining to Hazardous materials. The Code of Federal Regulations defines hazardous material as a substance or material, including a hazardous substance, which has been determined by the Secretary of Transportation to be capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce. Terrain is authorized to receive products that are classified as ORMD (Other Regulated Materials, Domestic). Products containing substances such as Acetone, Alcohol, and Benzene generally found in weed control, fertilizer, aerosols, or anything containing flammable solvents would be classified under the category of ORM-D. ORM-D products present a limited hazard during transportation due to its form, quantity, and packaging. ORM-D materials are classified as consumer commodities, packaged, and distributed in a form intended for sale through retail sales for personal care or household use. Products that are classified as higher degree of hazardous materials and do not fall under ORM-D classification cannot be accepted at Terrain distribution centers or stores.

Listed below are a few of the general requirements required under the governments guide for hazardous material transportation.

A. Outer packaging is required to be indelibly marked with ORM-D – Consumer Commodity, and be affixed to the surface of a package on a label. The marking must be on each carton, and be separate from any other carton marking.

B. The outer packaging must be strong enough to stand up to normal travel conditions, and protect the inner packaging of the product.

C. Packaging must be closed properly with no visible leaks or breaks.

D. ORM-D shipments must be shipped by GROUND SERVICES only.

E. Terrain requires that each shipment include an MSDS (Material safety data sheet) with the packing list. Orders sent without an MSDS will not be processed until the vendor provides this document.

For more information on this subject, please visit the following website: http://hazmat.dot.gov/regs/rules.htm

Fines and penalties can result if proper procedures are not followed.

Terrain may elect to not pay for quantities in excess of the purchase order quantity, and reserves the right to refuse delivery. The vendor will be notified by the Buyer under these circumstances. Merchandise delivery may also be refused for the following reasons:

  • Merchandise received prior to purchase order Start Ship Date.
  • Merchandise received after purchase order Cancel Date.
  • Orders received + or - 5% than the purchase order quantity.
  • Insufficient PO information on bill of lading.
  • Improperly marked cartons.
  • Missing packing slip.
  • Split or incomplete shipments without written authorization from the Terrain Buying office.
  • Delivery without an appointment.
  • Delivered to incorrect address.

Note: The vendor is required to notify the Buyer in advance of shipping an order that varies from the quantity ordered. Shipping variances beyond +/- 5% will only be accepted with a Buyer’s approval.

Any additional freight costs incurred due to a refusal will be the responsibility of the vendor.

Shipments Received Past the Cancel Date
It is the policy of Terrain to expect on time delivery. Discounts and / or chargebacks will be handled on a case by case basis and issued by appropriate Production / Buying Teams for orders received after the purchase orders Cancel Date.

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