A Conversation with Brooklyn Slate


A Conversation with Brooklyn Slate

During this season of traditions, we've invited terrain friends and partners around the country to share favorite stories, memorable meals, and entertaining tidbits from their own holiday tables.

terrain: What traditions define a Brooklyn Slate gathering of friends and family?

Brooklyn Slate: Amazing food. We are incredibly fortunate to have so many friends and family who are chefs, farmers, pickle makers, bakers, chutney makers etc. We really love to set up a huge table and have a feast with all of our friends. Since moving to our new studio in Red Hook we have had a few large gatherings on our loading dock that overlooks the Red Hook Community Garden. I think we may have found the quietest and most peaceful block to be on in Brooklyn!

terrain: When it comes to entertaining at the holidays, what are your favorite elements for a lively evening?

Brooklyn Slate: Good friends, good food and amazing music.

terrain: After the tastes you offered us at Brooklyn Day earlier this year we’d love to know… What’s on your Thanksgiving cheese plate this year?

Brooklyn Slate: We will definitely have Bayley Hazen Blue and Cabot Clothbound. I am also thinking Vermont Butter and Cheese Company Chèvre and Old Kentucky Tomme from Capriole Farms.

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