How-to: Caring for Tillandsia


How-to: Caring for Tillandsia

Air plants are fun, exotic specimens with a vast range of shapes, colors, and sizes. Since they grow and flourish without soil, there are almost limitless creative possibilities for displaying them. Found naturally in deserts and forests in Central and South America, they often grow high in the crooks of trees where they absorb nutrient-rich rainwater through their leaves. Vividly colored flowers, easy care and a variety of shapes and sizes make them perfect for terrariums and wall gardens.


Provide bright filtered sunlight.


Tolerant of a wide range of temperatures. Do not freeze. Room temperature is fine.


Submerge in water for every 2-4 days (whenever entire plant is dry) or mist frequently.


Fertilize with a 1/4 strength 10-5-5 mixture with every watering. Fertilizing ensures more frequent flowering and best growth.

Potting Mix

They can be mounted to anything, placed among a rock formation, or interspersed with other plants. Place a few in a bowl, on a dish, or hang for a sculptural accent indoors. Good air flow is essential and they should never be planted in soil.

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