Fresh Cut Lodgepole Pine

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Native to high elevations in northern Utah and other western regions, slim and cone-shaped lodgepole pines grow in stands and can reach up to 200 years in age. Topped with unique, yellow-green needles, the flexible branches of lodgepoles are best suited for showcasing more delicate ornaments.

- Fresh cut lodgepole pine

Christmas Tree Care
1. When you receive your tree, create a new cut 1-1.5” above the base of the trunk. This step is key, as sap buildup from the old cut will prevent water intake.
2. Immediately place the tree in a bucket or stand filled with water to preserve needle retention. Keep the final cut of the trunk submerged in water at all times to prevent sap from sealing. A general rule for watering is: add 1 quart of water per inch of trunk diameter each day.
3. Do not place your tree near drafts or excessive heat, which can cause early needle drop. Use proper lighting and decorations to reduce fire risk. A room humidifier can also help to keep the tree fresher longer.
Trees will begin shipping the week of November 13th.

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