Shop the Project: A Blooming Bulb Centerpiece

Fresh Clump Moss , $16.00

Style No. 36407286
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Paperwhite Bulbs, $12.00

Style No. 40881054
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Bauble Bud Vase, $8.00

Style No. 39435607
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Shop the Project: A Blooming Bulb Centerpiece

A long-lasting display for the table, this planted centerpiece provides fresh blooms for now and bulbs for later. A bed of moss and angel vine anchors freshly-cut hyacinth stems, bud vases, and paperwhite bulbs that will flower as the holidays approach. Tall, beeswax tapers in handy stakes complete the look.

Habit + Form Circle Tray
- A terrain exclusive
- Cold rolled steel, powder coated finish
- Imported
Available in 8 sizes

Fresh Clump Moss
- Clump moss
- Indoor or outdoor suitable
2 square feet of moss

Paperwhite Bulbs
- A terrain exclusive
- Paperwhite ‘Ziva’ bulbs, paper bag, plant label
- Holland
10, 20, or 30 bulbs

Etched Glass Bud Vase
- Glass
- Hand wash gently with water only; do not scrub or use soap
- Imported
3.75”H, 3.4”D, 2.5” diameter at widest point, 1.5” diameter at mouth, 1.75” diameter at base

Bauble Bud Vase
- Glass
- Hand wash
- Imported
Available in 3 sizes

Stake Taper Holder
- Galvanized tin
- Taper base: 0.75”H, 0.8” diameter
- Imported
3.8”H, 0.8” diameter

Pure Beeswax Tapers
- A terrain exclusive
- Set of six
- 100% pure beeswax, newspaper wrapping
- Hand-poured in the USA
10”H, 0.85” diameter

Hyacinth 'Delft Blue' Bulb
- Perennial
- Bloom time: 3-6 weeks after planting
- Netherlands
1 bulb