Sun + Insect Protection

"Keep bugs at bay all summer long with our essentials for insect protection. From camping trips to evenings on the patio, nothing spoils an outdoor adventure more quickly than pesky bugs. Scatter natural citronella candles around an outdoor space, or even beside the pool, to prevent flies and mosquitoes from crashing the party. Multi-wick candles are perfect for larger areas, while a variety of refreshing scents will only discourage bugs – not your guests. For alternatives to traditional candles, hanging citronella votives and containers filled with our favorite Flyaway Sticks also offer insect protection.

If you’re on the move, bug repellent accessories are an innovative way to deter ants, flies, mosquitoes, chiggers, midges, and ticks. Infused with a repellent that will last for 70 washes, ExOfficio hats and bandanas are perfect for day-long hikes, and can even be used to help protect your pets. Made with naturally repellent essential oils, our sprays and lotions from Farmaesthetics, Jao, and Aromaflage also fend off insects.

Along with bug repellent, sun protection is essential for a day spent at the beach or in the garden. Our favorite SPF from Supergoop provides a long-lasting, skin-friendly defense against UV ray damage. Pair your preferred sunscreen with a stylish hat or practical, canvas sun shade for extra layers of protection. Finally, choose an after-sun mist infused with aloe, just in case a sunburn occurs."

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