Which wreath is right for your home? The perfect wreath combines an ideal size with distinctive style.

Size: Wreaths are measured in diameter, and you’ll want to choose a wreath that’s just big enough to make a statement. If your door is smaller than the average 36” width, we suggest a wreath that’s 20” or less in diameter. Smaller wreaths also work beautifully as one element of a larger, indoor wall display.

Style: Your doorstep serves as an introduction to your home’s decor, and a little texture is always welcome. From magnolia and olive branches to preserved flowers and moss, a wild-crafted wreath of natural materials makes a rustic accent for the entry. Dried blooms add a pop of color, from vibrant pansies and fragrant lavender to exotic protea and orchids. You could choose a wreath in complementary tones, or shades that contrast with your existing color scheme.

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