Indoor Planters

Cultivate an indoor garden with pots of every shape and size. Indoor planters are typically lighter than outdoor pots, so they’re easy to move around the house for greenery in every season and space. Since indoor planters come in a wide array of styles and finishes, you can create a tabletop grouping of mix-and-match pots filled with plants of different heights. Plant stands and hanging planters are another great way to add personality around the house.

Every plant needs drainage to stay healthy and beautiful, so decorative containers must also drain water. Pots with built-in drainage holes need to be paired with a saucer to catch water overflow. When choosing saucers, consider mixing and matching different styles with your planters. Pots without drainage holes are called cachepots. They’re ornamental only, and are meant to hold a drop-in plant with its own pot.

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