Structures + Trellises

Take the garden to new heights with a structure, trellis, or hanging sphere. For a long-lasting addition to the landscape, a metal obelisk in aged iron or rust-resistant zinc provides a foundation for climbing plants and blooming vines. Mounted metal trellises can also be used to enliven an empty wall, offering the perfect home for clematis, wisteria, ivy, or climbing roses.

For lightweight and adaptable structures, woven willow is an excellent option with natural appeal. From border fences to expandable cones, willow structures offer an endless variety of trellis designs. We love to display tall obelisks in pairs for a stately look inspired by formal gardens.

To create an airy garden for the porch or patio, a hand-forged hanging basket can be filled with the season’s freshest flowers, succulents, or even edible greens. Paired with a shepherd’s hook and a practical, water-saving liner, these suspended steel spheres elevate your favorite plants.

Structures of every shape and size also add visual interest to container plantings. Rest a decorative sphere atop a rounded vessel, or pair a spacious planter with our tallest garden tuteur. These architectural combinations offer a fresh way to reimagine your favorite planters and garden accents.

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