Candles + Holders

Candle Holders, Taper Candles, Candlesticks + More

Light the way to inviting spaces with candles for the home and patio. On the table, pillar and taper candles made from smoke-free, natural beeswax illuminate centerpieces of candlesticks and hurricanes to create a cozy atmosphere. Around the house, tiny tea lights in glass votives can be scattered for soft light in any corner. Outdoors, lanterns filled with flameless candles provide safe, long-lasting light for the patio or entryway. During the warmer months, citronella candles in all shapes and sizes keep bugs at bay while brightening summer evenings.

Our favorite candles from Linnea’s Lights and more bring seasonal scents to every space. From warm pumpkin and wintry fir to fresh-cut grass and summer flowers, these saturated fragrances capture the best of the natural world in every season. For constant, long-lasting fragrance, choose a matching diffuser to pair with your favorite candle.

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