Wreaths Around the House


Not just for the doorstep, wreaths are making appearances in every corner of the house this season. From fresh evergreens on the table to colorful Christmas bulbs at the hearth, these classic accents have proved unexpectedly versatile for ringing in the holidays with abundant cheer. We've gathered our best in the slideshow above, featuring our favorite ideas for wreaths around the house.

Hanging Door Trio: Suspended vertically, our trio of boxwood circlets adds a touch of green to entryways indoors and out.

Fillable Centerpiece: A quartet of taper candles illuminates an open, iron wreath filled with fresh greens and foraged Osage oranges.

A Holiday Hearth: Our Christmas Bulb Wreath takes the place of a crackling fire, paired with birch logs and evergreen boughs in the fireplace.

On the Doorstep: Fresh and full winter rings accent the stairs with flickering candles to welcome holiday guests.

A Mantel Mix: Accented with colorful velvet ribbons, simple wreaths make a big impact when grouped above the mantel.

Wreaths + Planters: Our favorite planters get a winter makeover with a stack of evergreen and grapevine wreaths.

Up the Stairs: A merry group of circlet wreaths bedecks the bannister with good cheer.

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