4 Winter Weddings at Terrain


It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! To celebrate the year’s most romantic holiday, we’re giving you a sneak peek into four recent winter weddings held at Terrain Gardens at Devon Yard and Terrain at Styer's. We’re big proponents of embracing the natural beauty of every season and these romantic, thoughtful weddings truly capture the magical wonder that winter has to offer.

Shanna + John
Terrain at Styer’s, Glen Mills, PA

“We got engaged over the holidays two years ago and just love the season. We thought it would be super fun to give our guests a warm and cozy hideaway at terrain. We loved the terrain team's seasonal design—we wanted to be right in the sweet spot between moody but warm, festive but not too Christmassy. And we were able to pull it off! We’d tell anyone looking to get married in the winter to embrace the season and the cold—there’s so much subtle beauty in winter. And accept that you’re going to freeze your little toes off for the shot. It's worth it.”

Shanna and John's winter wedding tip: “We timed our ceremony up perfectly with our photographer so that we could capture the golden hour that comes and goes so quickly in the winter. We shifted our ceremony back and forth, and back again — depending on the projected timing, and we’re so grateful that terrain and Pat were super flexible with that.”

Photo credit: Pat Robinson Photography

Kristi + Jay
Terrain at Styer’s, Glen Mills, PA

“The winter holidays have always been such a special time for us and we love all of the activities and ambiance the season holds - skiing, cutting down a Christmas tree, exploring the outdoor holiday markets, warm fireplaces in restaurants. We wanted to play up that cozy, winter lodge feel into our wedding by incorporating lots of lush winter greenery, neutral color schemes, and a wide variety of twinkling light sources. Also, the terrain team created two stunning green ceiling installations as well as a breathtaking five-foot wreath that was spun with golden, intricate metalwork detailing.”

Kristi and Jay’s winter wedding tip: “Play into the seasonal details available to you, from the seasonal florals to the holiday color schemes and neutral wintery backdrops with magical lighting and festive décor.”

Photo credit: Molly Sue Photography

Karen + Jeff
Terrain Gardens

“The hanging lights, the smell of pine, and the sound of crackling embers make Terrain Gardens extra special this time of year. We had our ceremony in the garden during sunset. Our guests huddled under blankets and sipped hot cider to stay warm. It was magical! To stay warm during our outdoor ceremony, the bridesmaids wore matching black faux fur coats and the flower girls wore white faux fur coats. We had our hearts set on having our ceremony outside but we waited until the rehearsal to make the decision since we’d never want our guests to be uncomfortable. On our invitations, we told guests to dress weather permitting in hopes that the ceremony would be outside.”

Karen and Jeff’s winter wedding tip: “Don’t stress about the weather. If you’re getting married in the winter or summer, weather is always unpredictable! Juts remember to trust the people who are helping coordinate and make your special day amazing.”

Photo credit: MLE Pictures

Lauren + Sam
Terrain Gardens

“Our story is a bit different. Neither of us ever dreamed of a winter wedding; however, we did dream of being together, in one country, within the same zip code. Sam is from England and I am from America. We had been doing a transatlantic relationship for far too long, and couldn't wait another minute, nor another season, to be together! With that in mind, we tried bringing the feelings of warmth and summer into our January wedding. In order to create our warm wedding feel, we used lanterns, a perfect arrangement of twinkling candles, and warm colors of green, pinks, and whites to make the venue come alive to create a magical garden, one that could be seen as "wintery" or "summery"! And as a bonus, Mother Nature blessed us with a sprinkle of snow as the wedding festivities wound down."

Lauren and Sam’s winter wedding tip: “In the winter, it is important to have a back up plan. What happens if it snows? What happens if it is icy out? Or if it is too cold? With the guidance of terrain and our fantastic vendors, we were able to come up with a plan B, which actually turned into plan A. It was THAT good! Needless to say, snow plans might seem daunting, but sometimes, they bring out new ideas that turn out better than your initial thoughts!”

Photo credit: Emily Wren Photography

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