Snowy Forever Terrariums


With wintry weather on the way, some of our favorite terrariums are getting a seasonal makeover. Filled with drifts of soft snow, we're transforming cloches and cases into "forever terrariums"-- long-lasting displays of preserved botanicals and curios that don't require a green thumb. Colorful brush trees, twig forests, and critter ornaments are taking the place of traditional plants, along with tiny villages in white ceramic. To complete our scenes, we added a dusting of indoor snow, letting a few flakes linger on the glass for a frosty touch. A sprinkling of delicate mica flakes can create an icy sparkle, too. Display Coordinator Suzie A. says, "We think of mica as 'nature's glitter.' It has a subtle sheen that really enhances the enchantment of an arrangement." We can't wait to give these worlds under glass as one-of-a-kind gifts, or keep them at home for a beautiful accent all winter long.

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