Where We've Been: Winter in Vermont


Recently, a terrain traveler headed back to one of our favorite Where We've Been destinations-- Fat Toad Farm in Vermont. A few months ago, graphic designer Danielle P. shared her summer trip to the farm, where her best friend works. She recently went north once again for a winter visit with her friends (human and goat alike). In spite of some snowy New England weather, she found time to explore the landscape and visit the farm's playful herd of goats. Danielle says that Fat Toad is the perfect place for a peaceful getaway, adding "I really appreciate the quiet, and when we went outside one night there were so many stars." Back indoors, she also enjoyed a sweet snack made right on the farm.

Fat Toad Farm is known for its cajeta-- a traditional caramel made from goat's milk (seen above topping ice cream). Danielle says, "Every part of the cajeta-making process takes place on the farm. It's where the goats are born, raised, and milked, and where the caramel is made, jarred, packaged, and shipped. That's pretty rare, and it has been amazing for me to see all the parts of the process during my visits over the past few years."

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