Where We've Been: Vermont


Best known for its fall foliage and winter sports, Vermont has proven a popular summer destination around our offices this year. By coincidence, three terrain travelers recently headed to the Green Mountain State with family and friends to relax and explore the rugged landscape. When graphic designer Danielle P. returned with photos of her weekend on a farm and dairy in the state's rural center, we couldn't wait to share her tale, below, along with a few snaps of some new four-legged friends.

"I spent the weekend at Fat Toad Farm in Brookfield, VT, where a friend of mine works raising goats and making their speciality product, traditional goat's milk caramel called cajeta. We got up early one day to make the cajeta; it's best to work in the cool morning because the kitchen can reach over 100 degrees! I also had a chance to hang out with the goats when we took them to their pasture. They're really funny animals with so much personality. Even though we were hard at work, the weekend was still a great way to relax. The farm was very peaceful and I got to enjoy a lot of homegrown food, including eggs from the farm's chickens and fresh-picked greens from the garden."

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