Where We've Been: LA


Two members of the terrain team got a splash of sun recently when they headed west to explore LA and the surrounding landscape. Graphic designer Danielle P. travelled cross-country for an engagement brunch that turned into a surprise wedding-- not even the couple's parents knew the secret! After the big event, she explored the city and nearby Newport Beach, taking a boat trip to spot sea lions, staying at LA's landmark Roosevelt Hotel, and strolling down the Walk of Fame. She also enjoyed an abundance of spring foliage at every turn, including giant tree ferns, blooming bougainvillea, and the city's iconic palm trees.

On a separate trip, web merchandiser Melissa M. headed outside the city to Joshua Tree. Known for its rugged, desert landscape, the National Park is named for the gnarled Joshua trees-- a species of yucca-- that grow among the craggy rocks. Each tree lives for hundreds of years in the harsh climate, with some specimens reaching 1,000 years in age. After hiking through the park and spotting some daredevil tightrope walkers balancing between the rocks, Melissa returned to LA, where she visited LACMA and took in the view from the Griffith Observatory at sunset. Perched above the city, the observatory (most famous for its appearance in Rebel Without A Cause), offers panoramic views of the Hollywood sign, the LA skyline, and the Pacific Ocean.

1, 2, 3: Joshua Tree; 4: Griffith Observatory view; 5,6: LA; 7: LACMA

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