Where We've Been: Croatia


Eager to enjoy a last week of warm weather before the seasons changed, our copywriter Caroline L. recently took a trip to Croatia’s Adriatic coast. Starting in the sunny, seaside city of Split, she spent some time relaxing on the beach at Bacvice, a calm, shallow inlet popular with residents and visitors alike. “Swimming in the Adriatic was definitely a highlight of the trip,” she says. “The water was so clear and warm.” Split is also famous for Diocletian’s Palace, the massive structure that forms the center of the city. Built by a Roman emperor as a place to retire, the white stone palace has evolved with the city rather than being set apart as a historic site. Now, its narrow, winding passageways and hidden courtyards are filled with outdoor cafés where locals gather each evening. 

From Split, Caroline headed to the nearby island of Hvar, a locale famous for its fragrant crops of lavender and rugged, rocky shoreline where determined beach-goers set up camp. "Hvar was my favorite place in Croatia," she told us. "Stepping off the boat and catching the first glimpse of the town, climbing up the hills with rows of terracotta roofs, was so striking." On the last day of her journey, she headed inland to Zagreb and explored the medieval streets of Upper Town, overlooked by the tall, twin spires of the cathedral. "Zagreb is only an hour flight from Split, but it really felt like a different world," Caroline adds. "It was so interesting to see another facet of the country to close out the trip."

Images: 1, 2L, 3, 4L, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10: Split; 2R, 6: Hvar; 4R: Zagreb

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