Where We've Been: Charleston

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In early spring, our Narrative Photographer Isa S. visited Charleston, South Carolina to catch up with friends in the city where she attended college. “I love how lush and green Charleston is,” says Isa. “In May, jasmine takes over the city and the scent is intoxicating. Rose bushes grow everywhere, the water catches on the breeze. It’s all very magical and vibrant. My favorite thing to do is relax on the old porch where I used to live and watch a thunderstorm roll in. There’s lots of creativity and inspiration to be found in Charleston, which maintains its Southern charm amidst diverse entrepreneurs from all over the country. Sugar Bake shop, founded by folks from NYC, is one of my favorite stops.”

During her visit, Isa explored downtown Charleston, took a day trip to Savannah, and stayed at a friend’s farmhouse on John’s Island. She tells us, “It’s nice spending time downtown, but it was so quiet and peaceful on the farm. We stayed in my friend’s historic family home on Church Creek. The property was filled with blooming camellia bushes, chickens, and even a neighborhood 'swamp dog' who was best friends with my friend’s family dog.” Despite being a bit overcast and rainy during Isa’s trip, she says the weather made the environment all the more beautiful. “Since it was early spring, everything became all the more green and lush. The colors seemed to pop even more. It was very relaxing.”

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