Where We've Been: The Canyons


Deep in the deserts of the southwest, weather and erosion have been carving a vast expanse of sandstone shapes for thousands of years. Recently, Melissa M. of our own merchandising team journeyed almost 1,700 miles through the geological beauties of Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and, of course, the Grand Canyon. Melissa called the trip a humbling experience, in which the breathtaking landscapes and endless skies reminded her how immense and ancient the world around us really is. Her favorite moments? A late afternoon drive through the winding trails of Zion, exploring the grand windows of Arches, and visiting a roadside rock shop for a few sparkling mementos.

Photos: 1. Arches; 2. Arches; 3. Arches & Bryce Canyon; 4. Bryce Canyon; 5. Bryce Canyon & Arches; 6. Grand Canyon; 7. Zion; 8. Moab; 9. Monument Valley

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