What's On Your Vanity?


As we prepared to unveil our new beauty and spa collections this month, our office was buzzing with conversations about our most-loved products and favorite skincare secrets. To get a handle on all things beauty in the world of terrain, we posed a question to our team: what’s on your vanity? We asked everyone to share favorites from our spa, as well as anything else that makes their beauty routines special. The answers revealed dedicated fans of quite a few collections, alongside an array of personal mementos from family and travel.

a. Rodin Hair Oil (available in stores): I love this hair oil—it’s a very simple formula and oil is a huge trend in beauty right now. It’s completely no-fuss and makes it easy to get my hair looking great every day. -Linsday M.

b. Cotton Scarf: I have some small scarves that I use to keep my hair back when washing my face and putting on makeup, or as headbands on bad hair days. This one is my favorite—I got it in Neal’s Yard on my last trip to London. -Caroline L.

c. Kahina Pure Argan Oil: A recent trip to Morocco got me hooked on argan oil for my hair and skin. I have pretty average skin (sometimes oily and sometimes dry) and never would have thought to put any kind of oil on my face, but after visiting Morocco, I use a bit every day. -Melissa M.

d. Blue Glass Jar: This is one of a pair of jars that belonged to my grandmother; I use them on my vanity for storage. Love them, they’re very special to me. -Mia F.

e. Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleanser: I am (and have been for the last two years) a very enthusiastic Farmaesthetics fan. I love this herbal cleanser—it’s the only one that makes my skin feel clean without drying it out. Plus, it smells lovely. -Sarah S.

f. Vic Washcloth (available in stores): I use this washcloth every day. It’s 100% cotton, and the weave is just a little bit rough so it makes a good scrub and helps smooth the skin. -Barbara D.

g. Shamanuti Crème No. 1: I use a little of this crème from Shamanuti every day. Its key ingredient is neroli, which feels really luxurious and helps the skin and facial muscles relax. -Susan S.

h. Binchotan Facial Soap: I discovered this soap before my wedding. The stress of planning made me break out, which caused more stress and more breakouts—a vicious cycle! This really helped to purify my skin and cleared it up in two weeks—amazing! -Sarah S.

i. Brass Bowl: I found this dish at a flea market in Vermont with my mom. I keep it on my vanity to store bobby pins and safety pins, for when I need extra primping or clothes-adjusting. -Melissa M.

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